Tour Leader

Our tour leaders are the backbone of Unearthed. We are always on the hunt for professional outdoor educators.

Unearthed Travel Tour Leaders are the hand-picked superstars who accompany our school groups, overseas on our experiential learning adventure programs. They’re responsible for so much more than a team’s safety and wellbeing - They’re there to make sure our travelers experience the best of what this world has to offer while picking up some important life skills along the way.

Our Tour Leaders come from all walks of life. So whether you’re an adventure guide, outdoor educator, paramedic/nurse, travel photographer, teacher, or something else entirely... if you have a passion for education, we’d love to hear from you.

In addition to making a genuine, positive difference to the lives of young people who travel with Unearthed Travel, being a Tour Leader with us is also about traveling to amazing destinations around the world and inspiring those young people to be better leaders of themselves, more resilient, and more mindful as they grow into adulthood. (We know that a big drawcard is ticking off that bucket list, and getting paid, too…!) 


You’ll gain invaluable skills in leadership, planning, organization, mentoring, and how to think on your feet and handle difficult situations in an efficient way - transferable skills that have application in all aspects of life. The best part - it’s not a full-time commitment, so you can keep your day job and still be a Tour Leader with Unearthed Travel.


We know that in today’s competitive job market, life experience is looked upon just as favorably as on-the-job experience. With Unearthed Travel, you get both. Traveling overseas and being responsible for the learning, wellbeing and safety of young people won’t just look amazing on your CV - it’s a life achievement to feel proud of too.

This is your chance to join a team of professionals that aspire to be the best global education Leaders in the world. If you wish to work for a company that values you, trains you and supports you while you’re overseas, then please read the feedback below to find out what other benefits there are for you.

Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen!

About Our Tour Leaders


What You Get 

Love the sound of being a Tour Leader with us? You’re in luck! We’re currently recruiting and always on the hunt for talented individuals to join our Leader Family.



Does this sound like you?

  • Love the idea of mixing outdoor education and overseas travel

  • Independent travel experience, preferably backpacking in developing countries

  • 25+ years of age before traveling with a team

  • Wilderness First Aid qualification or equivalent (not required at time of application)

  • Present yourself in a professional and friendly manner

  • Experience working with high school students preferable

  • Criminal Background Check

How To Get Involved

Apply For A Tour Leader Position

Our Leader Recruitment team will assess your application. If you meet the requirements you’ll be invited to attend online interviews with our recruitment and training team. If you are successful you will be invited to attend a two-day mandatory Leader Training Course.

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