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Intentional Design Planning

Your journey begins well before the bags are packed. With more prep and planning than other school trips, we’ll spend anywhere from 6 to 18 months researching, planning and organizing every detail of the trip with you. We guide educators through preparation activities for your students and help you decide how your itinerary takes shape. Once we design the perfect trip on paper, we’ll help you bring it to life with everything you need to educate your students and their parents, and prepare them for a transformational travel experience.  Intentional Design Planning starts with a few answers to these important questions:



How We Support You

Our programs are designed to relieve teachers of the logistical burden that comes with organizing an overseas trip for students.  A dedicated Operations Manager is appointed to guide you smoothly through the process and is the single point of contact for schools, teachers and parents ensuring consistency and ease of communication.


All Operations Managers are extensively trained and supported by our experienced Operations Team who, between them, have over 40 years experience designing and delivering our world class travel programs.

We will:

  • Understand your needs, and respond with flexible planning and dedicated staff.

  • Help you spread the word. We’ll provide material to educate and inspire students and parents.

  • Deliver pre-departure training, preparation and support for students, teachers and parents.

  • Organize a personalized training course and travel simulation day (Expeditions only).

  • Assist your students with fundraising initiatives.

  • Coordinate payments and all financial administrative tasks.

  • Arrange all trip logistics including flights, comprehensive insurance, risk-assessments, visa information, medical kits and more.

  • Provide a highly qualified program leader who will travel with you as part of the adult supervisory team.

Your Personal Program Leader

One of the best ways to travel is with a guide. You’ll get one with us, but we call them leaders. Why not guides? Because they’re so much more. Unlike other travel companies we don’t hire overseas people to pick you up at the arrival gate and show you around.

Our leaders deliver the goods on the ground. They play a critical role as a member of every adult supervisory team, from supporting teachers in country with safety and risk management, to working with students to develop team dynamics and manage the itinerary.

All leaders are minimum 25 years of age, have traveled the world, studied a degree or four and completed enough wilderness training to make Bear Grylls proud. You’ll be accompanied by marine biologists, entrepreneurs, firefighters, school principals, emergency rescue pilots, professional soccer players and academics.


Help your students grow. Help yourself grow.

Our values are important to us, and are woven into every single experience we provide. Our one-on-one approach ensures each Unearthed trip is an incredible learning experience for students, teachers and schools.

Why Do It?

Why Choose Us?

We love schools. And they love us, too.

For over 25 years we’ve worked with high schools to provide challenging overseas adventures for students. We don’t take our schools for granted. We know it starts with you. Unearthed is privileged to work with some of the most passionate educators and without them, these incredible overseas learning experiences would never be possible. Because of this, we want to help our educators as much as we can, so we do things a bit differently.






The difference, explained.


No major incidents in 25 years

This record is no fluke. The preparation we go through for every trip is unprecedented in the industry, meaning students, teachers and leaders are better prepared and more confident overseas.


Local support for teachers

Our teachers get the pre-departure support they need. We sweat the details so you don't have to; ensuring you keep focused on students and educating them—not planning a trip. Better supported teachers means better prepared students and makes for an overall more enjoyable experience from start to finish.  


Beyond tour leaders

Not your typical tour guide, feel reassured that you’re traveling with Leaders equipped to manage any situation abroad, from team dynamics, home sickness and first aid to travel logistics and itinerary management; our leaders make your trip an absolute joy and empower students to return with a profound new perspective on themselves and the world they live in.


Commitment to Sustainable Community Development

Our overseas employees and partners abide by the Unearthed Code of Conduct, ensuring projects truly benefit the community. Students rated our projects a ‘9.5 out of 10’ and 97% of educators felt their project had real impact.


Partnership with the United Nations

Our parent company Antipodeans Abroad is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Our community projects also align with the Global Sustainable Development Goals. 


Mindfulness programs

Unearthed students travel *phone-free and teams participate in mindful minutes, guided reflections, and journaling.

24/7 support at home and overseas

Your team’s location is tracked at all times with GPS and fully supported by our Operations Center 24/7 for any unexpected trip emergencies. Comprehensive insurance covers all travelers for unforeseen medical expenses.  

* Students are encouraged to leave technology behind, but at a minimum requested to remain engaged with the team during group activities and avoid use of electronic devices.

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