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Back-Packer Style Travel

For over 25 years Unearthed has partnered with schools to run expertly led student leadership travel programs to the most exciting destinations around the world. Unlike the typical school tour, Unearthed students are empowered to take part in the journey and learn the skills to become amazing adults.

Make An Impact

Make a lasting impact as you live and work hand in hand with a local community. A thoroughly researched hands-on project will form a central part of your trip. You’ll experience daily local life as you make a meaningful difference working on a sustainable community project helping to build or renovate school buildings, improve the infrastructure around the community, or get your hands dirty laying the foundation for a greenhouse or vegetable garden. Immerse yourself in the local language, cuisine, and friendly culture to truly understand what life is like in another country.  

Get Off The Grid

Discover the natural beauty and pristine environment by getting off the beaten path. Explore the wilderness of national parks, ancient walking paths, stunning waterfalls, dense jungles and mountain tops. Your expert and extremely knowledgable local guides will share more about local wildlife, and the history and culture of the people and places you encounter. 

Explore Back-Packer Style

On an Unearthed adventure, students take on leadership roles and work together as a team to manage daily itinerary activities. Your Unearthed Leader will guide you through an adventure that balances the perfect combination of challenge and reward as you explore the absolute best of your destination. This is the chance to enjoy some independence while soaking up the local culture and learning some valuable new skills. Learn to travel like a Pro and meet the most amazing people. 

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Types of Experiences

Immersive and rewarding, our community service programs center around well organized and sustainable hands-on project work, rare cultural immersion experiences, and exciting sightseeing activities (7-14 days).


A one of a kind educational experience unlike any typical tourist trip, our community service programs promote global understanding, personal development and strengthen leadership abilities in an exciting learning environment.

Learn more about connecting your Unearthed Program with one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.



Want an experience that really brings classroom teachings to life? Our bespoke curriculum journeys complement and expand on classroom subjects, taking learning to the ultimate level (8 - 21 days).


Dive into the history of classic Europe or explore art and design in world famous cities like Paris and New York. Unearthed will work with you to ensure the itinerary is everything you want, and so much more!


Our most transformative learning experiences. An  Unearthed Leadership Expedition combines an extensive pre-departure program with adventurous multi-day backpacking, rewarding community service projects and student-led exploration and discovery (16-24 days).


Each Expedition program offers the option for students to take part in the planning process, from destination research and project involvement, to managing a group travel logistics and program budgeting.

Unearthed travels to the four corners of the world, from Borneo to Peru. We are proud to work closely with international communities who share our vision for the future and offer immersive experiences for students and we will continue to develop these global partnerships in response to school needs, so if you don’t see the country you want to go to, contact us.

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