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Expeditions & Community Service Tours




What is an Expedition?

Do you run any other types of trips?

What is a Community Service Tour?

Where can I go?

When will we travel?

How much work is involved for teachers?

How many students and teachers travel per team?

What about safety?

What about fundraising?

Who are Unearthed Leaders?

Do Unearthed book our flights?

What about medical matters?

How can I find out more?


What will I get out of it?

Can I travel with my friends?

I’m nervous about the trek, how fit do I need to be?

How can I help pay for my trip?

How can I start an Expedition at my school?


What’s included in the cost of an Expedition?

Is this program suitable for my child?

What about health concerns?

What payment options are there?

What about fundraising?

When can I expect to hear from my child?

How much spending money does my child need?

What happens if my child gets sick?

What about travel insurance?


When do Unearthed trips depart?

How long do they last?

How many trips can I expect to lead per year?

What are you looking for in a Leader?

How are leaders assigned to teams?

When are where are the Leader Selection weekends?

What if I can’t attend a selection weekend?

What if I don’t get assigned to a team?



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