Our Aussie Heritage:


The Unearthed story began in Sydney, Australia where our parent company Antipodeans was founded in 1991. Antipodeans is Australia’s original and most trusted school Expedition company. Our dedicated team of educators, personal development specialist, instructors and travel experts have been creating extraordinary student travel experiences for over 25 years. With offices across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we've trained over 800 leaders and worked with over 1000 teams. 



World Leading Adventure Based Learning 

Travel gives you time to step out of life and look at it in new ways, to experience how people do things differently — often with less — and to learn from new cultures and customs. What you take away from those moments stays with you forever. As Mark Twain once wrote, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Can you imagine how different the world would be if everyone traveled? We can.

We are a genuine, curious, passionate and optimistic organization whose core values of Mindfulness, Resilience & Leadership run deeply through our programs, our people, and our vision for the future. Since we sent our very first team to Nepal in 1991, our commitment to experiential learning and developing the next generation of young people has never wavered. 


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Our mission is to be the global leader in helping young people become amazing adults.

Unearthed programs have been carefully designed to inspire young people by creating opportunities to explore their true selves on the way to adulthood, learning vital life-skills, connecting with one another, and developing a better understanding of themselves, the world, and their place in it along the way.


We believe the more young people we educate in this way, the more positive our future will be.


Students build

and foster strength, skills,

abilities, values and attitudes

through experiences that

cultivate awareness of

self and others. 


Students return

from Unearthed programs 

with a deeper capacity to

positively respond in

the face of challenging,

complex or ambiguous




Through cross-cultural

experiences, students embrace

a sense of social responsibility

along with transferable life skills

such as communication,

teamwork and organizational



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