Each of our programs inspires students and faculty to develop a deeper understanding of the following educational outcomes. 

Experiential Learning

Our travel programs engage students in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in contexts that are incredibly difficult to achieve in the traditional classroom. We believe the consolidation of ideas and skills through feedback, reflection and application in new environments make our overseas journeys one of the most powerful learning experiences a young person can take part in as they grow into their own, amazing adult.


Unlike a packaged tour our programs encourage students to make decisions, requiring the use of problem solving skills and authentic student engagement to work together on activities such as managing the team’s travel budget, organizing transportation, food, and daily itinerary objectives. Primarily student-led, our journeys give teams the opportunity to flourish and discover their own unique leadership styles and abilities.

Resilience & Personal Growth

Traveling in the developing world can be challenging. Our students are carefully pushed out of their comfort zone and encouraged to think critically. Through this, they learn how to adapt, how to be team players and above all, how to bounce back from adversity and grow.

Mindfulness, Self-Awareness & Gratitude 

In today’s fast paced society the opportunity to slow down, put down that iPhone and focus on the present moment is rare. Through regular reflections and exposure to an entirely new culture and environment, our students re-connect with one another and learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. This newfound perspective fosters self-awareness, connectivity with others, patience, and a sense of gratitude for the plethora of opportunities they are lucky enough to have back home.

Global Awareness & Social Responsibility

Exposing young people to global issues is key in their development as socially aware citizens. Through rewarding community service projects, local immersions and outdoor adventure, we expand students’ perspectives on other cultures and the environment, developing empathy and bringing to light their own unique impact on this Earth.

The Unearthed DIFFERENCE

Personalized learning adventures designed collaboratively
Through individually designed itineraries and small group size travel, schools and faculty choose their destination, travel dates, educational outcomes and travel themes to facilitate world class global initiatives with a trusted international experiential education partner. A dedicated Program Manager will work closely with trip leaders, student and parents during the build up to ensure everyone involved is prepared to achieve their highest potential. 


To learn more about partnership opportunities, send us an email.

Industry leading risk management 

Unearthed delivers unrivaled safety and back-up from experienced staff, expert local programming, 24-hour Support Center, and international medical and emergency services. Learn more about our approach to risk management here.

Unearthed Leaders 

Our carefully selected leaders are expert facilitators with Wilderness First Aid training, equipped to develop group dynamics and manage all team travel logistics. They play the role of educator, guide and mentor over the course of the journey ensuring team safety and key educational outcomes. 

Sustainable community service projects

Rewarding, hands-on community projects are a central focus of every Unearthed program. When you travel with Unearthed, you can be assured your project is sustainable and safe, provides local employment and is always created in consultation with local communities. Every program is aligned with our vision, a code of conduct and the UN sustainability development goals—including the universal sustainability principles of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.


For more information, see the goals in full on the UN website.


Responsible Travel 

Unearthed adheres to a responsible travel policy to ensure all our groups and in-country partners act in a responsible and sustainable manner to ensure local communities benefit from our programs. We believe the first step to a student being a socially aware citizen is to see and respect the world as it is. Through responsible travel we can change the world—everything revolves around not only striving to, but also teaching how, to be responsible travelers.


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