The record shows: 28 years with no major incidents.

Our people


Unearthed’s expertise in the field of risk management is unmatched. Our senior managers and staff are among the most experienced in the industry and regularly present risk management workshops to schools and institutions.


Carefully and thoughtfully selected Program Leaders


Our Leaders are responsible for the safety and supervision of eachUnearthed team. Wilderness First Aid qualified, 25+ years of age and with experience in the developing world, they’re real-world educators. They work with the team to develop group dynamics and actively facilitate leadership training while overseas.


Carefully selected destinations


Our destinations comply with the Department of State safety ratings and travel alerts. And prior to travel, each program has been risk assessed by a member of our Operations team.


We sweat the small stuff


Preparation. Planning. Details. Our safety record is so impressive due to the amount of preparation for each trip. From thoroughly researching the trek and project, to our stringent leader selection process—we think of every detail to ensure peace of mind.

We never sleep


Our Operations Support Center is staffed 24/7 while any Unearthed team is overseas. This support team brings years of expertise in managing groups of young people in developing countries to manage any medical or administrative issue that may occur.


Overseas resources


Our network of in-country partners has many years of experience working on Unearthed programs. They deliver invaluable local knowledge, professional support and tried and tested assistance on the ground.


We’ve got you covered


All teams are covered by comprehensive group travel and medical insurance. Whether it’s injury or illness, an emergency evacuation, or the need to divert to a new destination, our insurance has you covered.

What Makes Us So Good?


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