We create extraordinary people through extraordinary experiences. You can, too.


Who we are

We are Unearthed, educational travel specialists. We create extraordinary people through extraordinary experiences. We started this company because we believe the more people we educate through travel, the more positive our future will be.


So, over the past 25 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to empowering students to take ownership of these experiences and embrace the world beyond their own borders. As a truly global organization, we’ve explored more than 30 destinations, with over 20,000 students since the first team embarked in 1991. We are people just like you.

“We sent away our children and in return received young adults who have a better outlook and appreciation of humanity. It was well worth the investment. Thank you to all involved.”

Len Felesina, Parent of Student at Rockhampton Grammar School (Vietnam Expedition)

Intentional Design Planning

Unearthed prepares you like no one else


Your journey begins well before the bags are packed. With more prep and planning than other school trips, we’ll spend anywhere from 6 to 18 months researching, planning and organizing every detail of the trip with you. We guide educators through preparation activities for your students and help you decide how your itinerary takes shape through intentional design planning.


Intentional Design Planning starts with a few answers to these important questions:


  1. What is your vision and purpose for this trip?

  2. What are the values and mission of your school?

  3. What is the travel theme or curriculum focus?



Once we design the perfect trip on paper, we’ll help you bring it to life with everything you need to educate your students and their parents, and prepare them for a transformational travel experience. 

We’re different and because of that, you can be too.


Parents may ask why you’re choosing an Expedition over a standard school trip, often followed by “it’s cheaper” or “What are you going to get out of it?” Tell them this;


Humility. Understanding.

We started Unearthed because we believe travel makes you a better citizen of the world. Why? As Mark Twain once wrote, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Can you imagine how different the world would be if everyone traveled? We can.


Perspective. Fearlessness. Independence.

Reed Hastings (founder of Netflix) was once asked how he was able to push past the fear of risking everything to build

his ground-breaking startup. He reflected on his time abroad with the Peace Corps, saying “once you’ve hitchhiked across Africa with ten bucks in your pocket, starting a business doesn’t seem too intimidating.” We couldn’t have said it better!

Confidence. Purpose. Perseverance.


Travel gives you time to step out of life and look at it in new ways, to experience how people do things differently — often with less — and to learn from new cultures and customs. What you take away from those moments stays with you forever. Steve Jobs once said of his time in India, “I didn’t have a dorm room so I slept on the floor in friends’ rooms, returned coke bottles to buy food and walked across town every Sunday to get one good weekly meal at the Hare Krishna temple. I loved it. Much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on.”

Types of Experiences

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Immersive and rewarding, our community service programs center around well organized and sustainable hands-on project work, rare cultural immersion experiences, and exciting sightseeing activities (7-14 days).


A one of a kind educational experience unlike any typical tourist trip, our community service programs promote global understanding, personal development and strengthen leadership abilities in an exciting learning environment.

Learn more about connecting your Unearthed Program with one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


Want an experience that really brings classroom teachings to life? Our bespoke curriculum journeys complement and expand on classroom subjects, taking learning to the ultimate level (8 - 21 days).


Dive into the history of classic Europe or explore art and design in world famous cities like Paris and New York. Unearthed will work with you to ensure the itinerary is everything you want, and so much more!


Our most transformative learning experiences. An  Unearthed Leadership Expedition combines an extensive pre-departure program with adventurous multi-day backpacking, rewarding community service projects and student-led exploration and discovery (16-24 days).


Each Expedition program offers the option for students to take part in the planning process, from destination research and project involvement, to managing a group travel logistics and program budgeting.

To plan an Expedition get in touch with a Program Manager at 800-320-8125 or email traveladmin@unearthedtravel.com

Countries we go to

Unearthed travels to the four corners of the world, from Borneo to Peru. We are proud to work closely with international communities who share our vision for the future and offer immersive experiences for students and we will continue to develop these global partnerships in response to school needs, so if you don’t see the country you want to go to, let us know.

The Americas

Costa Rica













New Zealand







Sri Lanka

How we support you

Our programs are designed to relieve teachers of the logistical burden that comes with organizing an overseas trip for students. A dedicated Operations Manager is appointed to guide you smoothly through the process and is the single point of contact for schools, teachers and parents ensuring consistency and ease of communication.


All Operations Managers are extensively trained and supported by our experienced Operations Team who, between them, have over 40 years experience designing and delivering our world class travel programs.

We will:

  • Understand your needs. And respond with flexible planning and dedicated staff to support you and your travelers along the way.

  • Help you spread the word. We’ll provide exciting material to educate and inspire students and parents about the opportunity before officially launching in person at school during an information evening event.

  • Deliver pre-departure training, preparation and support for students, teachers and parents, building a trusted relationship with all stakeholders.

  • Organize a personalized training course and travel simulation day for students, teachers and leaders to ensure everyone arrives overseas with the necessary skills for a successful trip (Expeditions only).

  • Assist your students with fundraising initiatives.

  • Coordinate payments and all financial administrative tasks.

  • Arrange all trip logistics including flights, comprehensive insurance, risk-assessments, visa information, medical kits and more.

  • Select and prepare a highly qualified program leader who will travel will you as part of the adult supervisory team to provide safety .

We asked our teachers how we did—100% of them said they wouldn't hesitate recommending us to another teacher or school. Thanks!


Your Personal Guide

One of the best ways to travel is with a guide. You’ll get one with us, but we call them leaders. Why not guides? Because they’re so much more. Unlike other travel companies we don’t hire overseas people to pick you up at the arrival gate and show you around.

Our leaders deliver the goods on the ground. They play a critical role as a member of every adult supervisory team, from supporting teachers in country with safety and risk management, to working with students to develop team dynamics and manage the itinerary.

All leaders are minimum 25 years of age, have traveled the world, studied a degree or four and completed enough wilderness training to make Bear Grylls proud. You’ll be accompanied by marine biologists, entrepreneurs, firefighters, school principals, emergency rescue pilots, professional soccer players and academics.

Why do it?

Help your students grow. Help yourself grow.

Our values are important to us, and are woven into every single experience we provide. Our one-on-one approach ensures each Unearthed trip is an incredible learning experience for students, teachers and schools.


Our experiences engage students in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in contexts difficult to simulate at school. The consolidation of ideas and skills through feedback, reflection and application in a new environment, makes our journeys one of the most powerful learning experiences a young person can partake in.





The opportunity to flourish and discover your own unique leadership style and ability is integral to an Unearthed experience. Making decisions, adapting to new environments, sharing responsibilities and supporting teammates are vital skills that cultivate real-world leadership.




Traveling to a new country can be challenging. Unearthed guides travelers out of their comfort zones and encourages independent thinking. Unearthed travelers adapt, learn how to collaborate and above all, how to bounce back from adversity and overcome new challenges.



The opportunity to slow down, disconnect from social media and focus on the present moment is rare at home. Through reflection and exposure to new cultures, our travelers learn to appreciate the smaller, quieter moments. This newfound perspective cultivates awareness and a sense of gratitude for the opportunities they’ve otherwise taken for granted.



Exposing students to global issues helps their development in becoming socially aware citizens. Through rewarding community service projects, education initiatives, local immersion and outdoor adventure, we expand their perspective on other cultures and the environment, bringing to light their own unique impact on this earth.


We believe the first step to a student being a socially-aware citizen is to see and respect the world as it is. Rather than pay lip service to the term “responsible travel” we put people before profit. A local’s livelihood, their landscape and culture comes first. Through responsible travel we can change the world—everything revolves around not only striving to be, but also teaching how, to be responsible travelers.

 “It’s the whole package. Most school programs fail to prepare students adequately. I felt safe and confident traveling with this crew.

Catherine Ohlsen, Teacher at St. Columba's College (Vietnam Expedition)

We love schools. And they love us, too.

We don’t see ourselves as someone selling you a trip. We see ourselves as the people helping you create a great experience for yourself and your students. We are your trip planners, educators, cultural gurus, operations managers; your one point of contact; your shoulder, ear and problem-solver.

For over 25 years we’ve worked with high schools to provide challenging overseas adventures for students. We don’t take our schools for granted. We know it starts with you. Unearthed is privileged to work with some of the most passionate educators and without them, these incredible overseas learning experiences would never be possible. Because of this, we want to help our educators as much as we can, so we do things a bit differently.




The difference, explained.


No major incidents in 25 years

This record is no fluke. The preparation we go through for every trip is unprecedented in the industry, meaning students, teachers and leaders are better prepared and more confident overseas.


Local support for teachers

Our teachers get the pre-departure support they need. We sweat the details so you don't have to; ensuring you keep focused on students and educating them—not planning a trip. Better supported teachers means better prepared students and makes for an overall more enjoyable experience from start to finish.  


Beyond tour leaders

Not your typical tour guide, feel reassured that you’re traveling with Leaders equipped to manage any situation abroad, from team dynamics, home sickness and first aid to travel logistics and itinerary management; our leaders make your trip an absolute joy and empower students to return with a profound new perspective on themselves and the world they live in.


Commitment to Sustainable Community Development

Our overseas employees and partners abide by the Unearthed Code of Conduct, ensuring projects truly benefit the community. Students rated our projects a ‘9.5 out of 10’ and 97% of educators felt their project had real impact.


Partnership with the United Nations

Our parent company Antipodeans Abroad is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Our community projects also align with the Global Sustainable Development Goals. 


Mindfulness programs

Unearthed students travel *phone-free and teams participate in mindful minutes, guided reflections, and journaling.

24/7 support at home and overseas

Your team’s location is tracked at all times with GPS and fully supported by our Operations Center 24/7 for any unexpected trip emergencies. Comprehensive insurance covers all travelers for unforeseen medical expenses.  

* Students are encouraged to leave technology behind on our programs, but at a minimum requested to remain engaged with the team during group activities and avoid use of electronic devices.

Why choose us?

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Visit the full list of FAQs or get in touch.

How does Unearthed make planning a trip easier for teachers?

Basically, with the highest level of service and support for you, your students and parents. Because we in this together! If you've never organized a student trip before, we're here to walk with you through the whole process, step by step. If you're a seasoned pro, you can run the show. In either case, we want planning a trip for your students to be as easy and fun as possible! 1. Get started. Get in touch! We’re here to listen and provide the best possible overseas learning experience for you and your students. What kind of trip are you planning? How long? When? Where to? We'll put a proposal together for your perfect student tour. Call: 1-800-320-8125 Email: morgan@unearthedtravel.com 2. Let's promote the trip of a lifetime! We’ll provide awesome, easy to use enrollment materials to help inform students and parents about the trip. Then, whenever convenient we'll prepare a short presentation for your students followed by an information meeting for your parents to go through all the nitty-gritty details and answer questions. We know parents better than most! By the end of the meeting they're usually asking - ‘can we come too?’ 3. Let’s get this show on the road! We offer a flexible booking process for your school and convenient payment options for your students. Once the team is enrolled, we’ll handle all financial and administrative tasks for you, up to departure. You?....you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

How much work is involved for teachers?

Compared to other programs, not much at all! A dedicated Unearthed Operations Manager is appointed to every school to help guide teachers through the process and take care of pre-departure meetings, financial administrative tasks and trip logistics - including flights. Unearthed will support you with the student enrollment process and parent info meetings to ensure everyone is informed and confident for your next overseas trip.

When can we travel?

Unearthed runs private, small group programs. We will work with you to arrange a departure time and trip length that best suits you and your group, any time throughout the year. Programs range from 7-12 day Service Learning and Cultural Immersion tours, up to 21 day Leadership Expeditions. Options are endless!

How many students and teachers travel per team?

To ensure appropriate ratios for risk management and to meet our responsible travel guidelines, Unearthed teams range from 12–20 students, 2 school staff members and 1 Unearthed Program Leader. There is no limit to the number of students who can travel from one school, as we can split students into multiple teams. Our standard ratio for school staff travel is 1 for every 8 students.

What about safety?

Here are a few of the reasons we think our safety is top notch! - Highly qualified Program Leaders responsible for your team's safety and supervision. - Pre-departure training and support for students, teachers and parents. - 24-hour emergency back up, plus 24-hour Operations Support Team. - Long term, reliable network of in-country partners and local tour guides. - Comprehensive Travel & Medical Insurance cover for all travelers. For a more in-depth review of our approach to safety visit the safety section.

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