Expeditions & Community Service Tours



This isn’t your average school trip.

Share the adventure of a lifetime with friends—all while giving back.




So what's an Expedition?


An Expedition is a school trip with more. More adventure, more giving back, more ownership from students and more planning and support for teachers.


on a 2-4 week journey through a developing country, our Expeditions inspire all kinds of things. A new perspective. Gratitude. Mindfulness. They also allow high school students to give back to a community abroad, through a rewarding project they help plan before they go.

What's included in the itinerary?


While you will design your own trip there are three core elements you can look forward to:



Immersive and rewarding, our community service

programs center around well organized and sustainable hands-on project work, rare cultural immersion experiences, and exciting sightseeing activities.


A one of a kind educational experience unlike any typical tourist trip, our community service programs promote

global understanding, personal development

and strengthen leadership abilities in an exciting

learning environment.

Learn more about connecting your Unearthed Program with one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


Our most transformative learning experiences. The

Unearthed Leadership Expedition combines an extensive pre-departure program with adventurous multi-day backpacking, rewarding community service projects and student-led

exploration and discovery.


Each Expedition program offers the option for students to take part in the planning process, from destination research and

project involvement, to managing a group travel logistics and program budgeting.

To plan an Expedition, get in touch with our Program

Director at 310-975-4082 or email info@unearthedtravel.com


Want an experience that really brings classroom teachings to life? Our bespoke curriculum journeys complement and expand on classroom subjects, taking learning to the ultimate level (8 - 21 days).


Dive into the history of classic Europe or explore art and design in world famous cities like Paris and New York. Unearthed will work with you to ensure the itinerary is everything you want, and so much more!

“Go do it! Whatever it takes, you have to go. It’s a life changing experience that you will never forget.”


Samantha Wilson, Student at Iona College (India Expedition)


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