What is an Expedition?

An Unearthed Expedition is a 2-4 week journey through a developing country for high school students. Unlike your usual pre-packaged tour, students on Expedition actively make decisions; from helping plan their itinerary and managing the team’s travel budget, to organizing local team transport, accommodation and food. Each Expedition incorporates an extensive training and pre-departure program and is led by an expert Unearthed Leader. The core elements of an Expedition are a rewarding community project, a breathtaking trek and deep cultural immersion and exploration.

Do you run any other types of trips?

Yes, Unearthed organize Community Service Tours, Curriculum (History, Language, Arts) Tours and even Sports Tours for our schools. For groups that prefer to travel for a shorter duration, say 7 to 10 days during spring break or a school sponsored Experiential Learning Week, Unearthed offers the perfect option for a personalized, meaningful, cultural experience. With 25 years experience in the educational travel space—we’ve got you covered. Contact one of our friendly School Reps to discuss the type of trip you’re after.

What is a Community Service Tour?

A Community Service Tour is an incredible 7-10 day adventure that gives students the opportunity to participate in a grass-roots community service project, enjoy some incredible sightseeing and be immersed in a new and rich culture experiencing first hand the rich culture, food, history and hospitality of their destination. Community Service Tours have a shorter lead-in time than Expeditions, and do not include a trek.

Where can I go?

Over the years our Operations Team has developed powerful programming throughout the world. With Unearthed supporting your planning and travel preparation the world becomes your classroom. Get in touch with us to find out more, or jump onto our destinations page.

When can we travel?

We will work with you to arrange a departure time that best suits you. Unearthed Expeditions typically take place during summer vacation or school holiday periods, however, we’re flexible, so its up to you!

How much work is involved for teachers?

Our Programs are designed to relieve teachers of the logistical burden that come with organizing an overseas trip for students. Unlike other travel programs, a dedicated Unearthed Operations Manager is appointed to every school to help guide teachers through the process and take care of pre-departure meetings, training, financial administrative tasks and trip logistics - including flights. We’re with you the whole way!

How many students and teachers travel per team?

To ensure appropriate ratios for risk management and to meet our responsible travel guidelines, teams range from 12-20 students, 1-2 school leaders and 1 Unearthed Leader. There is no limit to the amount of students who can travel on an Expedition or CST from one school, as we can split students into individual teams. * For every 8 students that travel, 1 staff member travels free of charge.

What about safety?

We have many risk management procedures in place to ensure a safe and memorable travel experience.

  • Highly experienced Leaders are responsible for team safety and supervision.
  • Pre-departure training for students, teachers and Leaders.
  • 24-hour emergency back up, plus 24-hour Operational Support Center to deal with any medical or administrative issue that may occur.
  • Long term, reliable network of in-country resources.
  • Risk Management team dedicated to the highest quality of international programming, with over 20+ years experience navigating a wide variety of unexpected challenges – and a set of safety protocols to address them.
  • Comprehensive Travel & Medical Insurance.

What about fundraising?

Students can fund their trip with part-time work, fundraising events, and online fundraising campaigns. Setting individual financial goals is an important part of the program and we provide advice and support for students along the way.

Who are Unearthed Leaders?

Our Leaders are educators, not merely tour guides. Leaders are responsible for the overall safety and supervision of each team of students, and are there to support the teachers to ensure all school policies and processes are followed. Our Leaders are always Wilderness First Aid qualified and 25 + years of age. Aside from their main priority for safety, they work with the team to develop group dynamics and actively facilitate leadership training and development while overseas. To learn more about how our Leaders differ from what you may have expected, jump over to the Leader page.

Does Unearthed book our flights?

Yes, international round trip airfare and internal flights in the destination country (where required) are included in all Unearthed Programs. We have our very own Flights Manager who takes care of this for all of our teams

What about medical matters?

Our program caters to students with a variety of health conditions. All students are cleared by their own medical physician prior to departure. From there, Unearthed will work with individuals to make sure a medical condition is appropriately managed. Illness or injury prior to departure or while overseas is covered by Unearthed’s Comprehensive Travel Insurance. Read more about our insurance here.

How can I find out more?

Got more questions? Awesome. Get in touch with us today, we can’t wait to hear about your travel plans!


What will I get out of it?

An Unearthed trip will change you in ways you never thought possible! Not only will you get a taste for backpacker style travel, you’ll discover your own leadership style, build resilience and learn what it takes to work as a team. You’ll make amazing friends and share crazy stories. It’s an EPIC adventure that will stay with you for life…FOR LIFE! Oh, and did we mention fun?? SO. MUCH. FUN.

Can I travel with my friends?

Absolutely! We believe every student should take up the Unearthed challenge. However, if you decide to sign up without your best buds, we can assure you by the end of the trip - you’ll have a whole bunch of new friends to share a lifetime of stories with.

I’m nervous about the trek, how fit do I need to be?

Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered! We have students of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels participating in our programs. If you program included a trek, we’ll help you prepare before you leave home and while overseas, we make sure everyone is taken care of, comfortable and enjoying the ride. The main thing we want from you is an excitement and passion to see the world and take on the challenge!

How can I help pay for my trip?

Fundraising and part-time work are great ways to help Mom and Dad out when paying for your overseas travels. Unearthed FundMyTrip Program gives you all the planning ideas and tips to earn money for your trip - including help with fundraising events and how to apply for a part-time job. A few things we know for sure, it’s ACHIEVABLE and can be a lot of fun when you set a goal and start early.

How can I start an Expedition at my school?

Want to get your school involved in the trip of the lifetime? Awesome! Contact us and we can chat about how it works and set up a meeting with your fav teacher to get the ball rolling.


What’s included in the cost of an Expedition?

Costs cover round trip flights from your country of origin, comprehensive travel insurance, all in-country costs (i.e. food, accommodation, transport for the entirety of the trip), all pre-departure meetings and student training, teacher training and travel costs, an experienced Unearthed Leader, 24-hour back-up, safety and support. It does not include visas and vaccination expenses.

Is this program suitable for my child?

Our Program is open to all students. We ensure your child is adequately prepared so he or she can be a valued member of the team. Our Leaders are experts at running an inclusive program and developing the skills of individuals as well as the team.

What about health concerns?

Our Program caters to students with a variety of health conditions. All students are cleared by their own medical physician prior to departure. From there, Unearthed will work with the individual to make sure a medical condition is appropriately managed.

What payment options are there?

Unearthed strives to make our program experience accessible to as many students as possible by providing a range of flexible payment options. These include a monthly automatic plan, installment program or the ability to pay in full up-front. If you have any questions about your payment Contact us

What about fundraising?

Students can raise all, or part of the cost through part-time work and ‘out of school’ fundraising events. Setting individual financial goals is an important part of the Program.

When can I expect to hear from my child?

Don’t expect to hear from your son or daughter every day while they are overseas. In fact, we strongly advise against students taking mobile phones or communication devices with them while on an Unearthed trip. Our programs are a chance to disconnect from mainstream technology and ‘reconnect’ with their true self. In saying this, teams usually keep in touch with home via team blogs set up through their school or group email that they can update when in major towns or cities. Access to the internet is commonplace in accommodation or internet cafes through all of our destinations around the world.

How much spending money does my child need?

Its an all expenses paid trip, so really, there’s no need to take much spending money at all! We usually recommend $200 USD, if students wish to buy ‘mom and dad’ a special gift while they’re away!

What happens if my child gets sick?

Unearthed has a relationship with Emergency Response provider Generali Global Assistance. While teams are overseas, the on call doctors and nurses are available for further advice on symptoms and treatment if required. Every Unearthed Leader also carries an extensive medical kit to enable them thorough the management of medical symptoms that may arise while travelling. Unearthed Leaders all hold Wilderness First Aid Qualifications, and both Leaders and Teachers are trained on the contents of the medical kits and how to deal with sickness while overseas. Unearthed Comprehensive Travel & Medical Insurance includes a 24-hour emergency assistance line, emergency evacuation and access to a global network of medical professionals and facilities.

What about travel insurance?

Included in every Unearthed Program is our premium, comprehensive travel and medical insurance. Our policy covers emergency evacuation, cancellation due to injury or illness prior to departure, medical assistance for injury or illness while overseas and also provides access to a global network of 24-hour medical services and advice.

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