Fund your TRIP

87% of students find creative ways to fund their trip.
And half raise up to 100% of the cost on their ownLegends!



Online fundraising


FundMyTravel is travel’s answer to KickStarter. As a peer-to-peer funding site dedicated to helping you get donations for your trip. It’s fun, easy to set up and perfect for reaching out to your family and your 1000 closest Facebook friends for support. Visit the link to FundMyTravel and Unearthed page.


Traditional fundraising


From raffles and garage sales, to bake sales and car washes, trivia and movie nights, no idea is too creative or too small. Find a need or niche and turn it into a fundraising activity and market it. Use social media AND traditional media like posters in school and around town to get the word out about what you are doing. You’ll be surprised at how many people in your community will help.


Part time employment


Obviously, you do not have to raise all the money through fundraising. It’s possible to earn some money through part-time work. Take advantage of the Unearthed Job Application Support Letter to help differentiate yourself from other job applicants and get more interviews.


Example: If you work 10 hours per week at a job that pays $10/hr. for 6 months, you'll save $2,400! Keep a separate bank account so you can put this money towards your adventure.



You'll receive a detailed funding guide during the planning phase of your trip, but if you still have questions, we're well versed in the formula for success, so send us a note.


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