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Our Mission is to create extraodinary people through extraordinary experiences. 

Why Unearthed
Our Philosophy

Unearthed programs have been carefully designed to inspire young people with experiential learning opportunities to explore local communities through cultural immersion, sustainable community project work, and curriculum aimed activities.  

Our EducationAL ETHOS

Experiential Learning


Global Awareness 



What People Are Saying

“There are so many great things I experienced with Unearthed that I didn't realize I was missing with other travel companies. I love the very personalized trip organization that fit with our school program and mission, as well as the responsiveness of the whole Unearthed team before, during and after the trip. I look forward to working with Unearthed in the future.”

—  Lia K. - Traveling Teacher, OR 

     (Galapagos Islands Community Service Tour)

Ready to Join Us?

Over the past 25 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to empowering students to take ownership of their experiences and embrace the world beyond their own borders.  As a truly global organization, we’ve explored more than 30 destinations, with over 20,000 students since the first team embarked in 1991.

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