24 / 7  SUPPORT

Our operations team is the best in the industry, with decades of experience in managing groups of young people in developing countries.


Should an issue arise, you’ll not only get a hold of someone, you’ll get to speak to someone you know.

We never sleep, so you can.

All operations are managed locally and we are always here

when you or your child need.

Always prepared, the Unearthed way

What happens if?

We never sleep

Safety is, and always has been, our first priority. Unearthed risk management procedures are the best of the best—here are a few ways we ensure they remain industry leading.


  • Dedicated, fully staffed 24-hour Operations Support and Communication Center while teams are away.

  • 24-hour in-country group management, coordination and support.

  • Comprehensive travel insurance

  • Rigorous leader selection process.

  • Comprehensive medical kit and supplies carried by a leader and staff at all times.

  • Live tracking of team location via GPS, with signal every 5 minutes.

We’ve always got your back

Included in every Unearthed program is our comprehensive travel and medical insurance, an important yet often overlooked part of your trip.


The policy covers a long list of things, but here are the important bits:

Injury or illness prior to departure


If you have to cancel your trip because of injury or medical reasons, rest up. You’re covered.


Injury or illness while overseas

Our insurance gives travelers access to a global network of medical facilities, as well as 24-hour contact with Australian doctors. In the unlikely event of an injury or major illness – even in remote locations – our travelers are covered by the best emergency evacuation procedures, no matter where they are.

Emergency evacuation

Should our teams need emergency assistance due to unlikely security risks or natural disasters, we’ll arrange for prompt evacuation at no cost to the traveller.


Diverting to a new destination or delaying trip

If there is a situation overseas that affects a team’s ability to travel to their designated country, Unearthed can divert to another destination or delay the trip to an alternative time.


Lost items or baggage

Unearthed travelers are covered up to $1,000 should any bags or personal items be lost while traveling on an Unearthed trip.

What happens if the team isn’t able to travel to a destination?

If there is a situation that affects a team’s ability to travel to a designated country, Unearthed can divert or delay the trip to an alternative time.

What happens if we have to be evacuated while visiting our destination?

Should our teams need emergency assistance due to the unlikely occurrence of civil unrest or natural disasters, Unearthed insurance will arrange for prompt, emergency evacuation at no cost to the traveler.


What happens if I get injured or ill prior to departure?

If you have to cancel your trip due to injury or medical reasons, rest up. Your insurance has you covered.*

What happens if it’s a 90 degree day and my child has to work outside?

Our teams are not expected to work in conditions that are too physically challenging for them. We have risk assessments designed around acceptable conditions students can work in. We also constantly monitor trips to ensure these conditions are adhered to.

What happens if it’s freezing outside and they have to trek through snow?

Some of our teams trek in mountainous areas affected by snow at certain times of year. In the lead up to a trek, we keep an eye on weather reports and stay in touch with local partners. Risk assessments dictate an acceptable level of snow cover for a team to continue, or contingency plans if snow coverage poses a risk to the team. Treks can also be re-routed, with predetermined evacuation points utilized, if snow levels change dramatically during a trek.


*Disclaimer: Please read the full Insurance Policy Product Disclosure Statement prior to departure for specific insurance details, cancellation policy, inclusions and exclusions.

Got any other questions about the unexpected? Contact us. 

Expecting the unexpected is just another way of saying “prepare for everything”. We’ve spent decades doing exactly that.


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