University Placements

Described by past students as life-changing, we promise

this is one uni subject you won’t sleep through.


Life changing for you and the community

An Unearthed University placement is your chance to live and work in a developing community, applying classroom knowledge in a hands-on setting that’s vastly different to home. Supported by our team, your university and fellow students, you’ll overcome language, social and cultural barriers for a learning experience with real, tangible impact.


Designed to complement your coursework and count for credit towards your degree, an Unearthed placement is a sustainable international experience that will change your perspective of the world, your degree, and yourself.

Our Placements


We’ve built our reputation on collaboration with universities, delivering international placements that meet each institution’s needs–not ours. Your students’ placements will be designed to support course objectives and meet academic requirements, while building their professional and personal skills.


For 2 to 4 weeks students are immersed in developing communities overseas where they apply coursework and gain experiential learning in practical settings that are vastly different from home. Students must overcome language, social and cultural barriers whilst supporting and working with local staff. They build on core life skills like critical thinking and problem solving. They become global citizens.


Developed in conjunction with the communities we travel to, an Unearthed University Placement is a professional learning experience that adds real, tangible value to a student's résumé and positively impacts the lives of many around the world.



Disciplines we work with

We currently work with 29 university faculties across various disciplines:

  • Arts & Humanities, Business

  • Health, Education 

  • Law

  • Science and Social Sciences.

  • We can also offer Community Engagement or Leadership programs for any discipline.


If you don’t see yours, please get in touch.

Your itinerary

Designed for you, every placement is different.

However, there are two core elements all students can expect:

A rewarding group placement

A hands-on international experience that might just change your perspective on the world, and yourself.


Tailored to your university course, your Placement will give you the opportunity to work with fellow students and local staff, honing professional and personal skills as you are immersed in an entirely new culture.


Keen to make a rewarding contribution to a community abroad, while gaining credit towards your degree? Travel Unearthed.

Exploration and travel

Dive in and use your free time to travel and explore. Most students will choose to maximize their weekends by traveling to see the sites and squeezing the most out of their time abroad.


Visit ancient temples and ruins, go snorkeling in crystal clear tropical waters or grab your friends for a hike to a hidden waterfall. This is your chance to make the most of your trip.

We understand you will have specific questions around our programs that this page can’t answer. To learn more about our University Placement programming please get in touch.

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