Our vision: creating extraordinary people

We see the world differently...

We are UNEARTHEDTravel.

Our programs empower students to take ownership and embrace a world beyond their own borders - both physical and mental, in ways your average school trip can’t.


With Unearthed, don’t expect the usual tourist trails. Our personalized programs and itineraries help students uncover the true essence of each country as they live, work and explore among the local people. Whether they’re helping build greenhouses in Peru, providing primary health care to communities in remote Laos or learning rope-weaving with the hill people of Northern Thailand, each experience will be unlike anything found in the off the shelf travel guide or student travel program.


Underpinning everything we do at Unearthed is our commitment to responsible travel. Among the sightseeing and exploration, a central focus of every program is a hands-on community project. This offers travelers opportunities to work closely with locals in a developing country while contributing meaningfully to their lives. An experience like this pays dividends for years and years to come.


Our projects make an impact, too. Through long-standing relationships we ensure all projects are part of the community’s broader development plans—with a collaborative approach, everyone walks away feeling a great sense of achievement. That means no ‘voluntourism’, gratuitous projects or orphanage visits.

A bit about us

At Unearthed, we are a genuine, curious, passionate and optimistic organization whose core values - Mindfulness, Resilience & Leadership - run deeply through our programs, our people, and our vision for the future. We sweat the details and this is reflected in our hiring process. Using what we call the "Tent Test" scenario, we select each of our Program Leaders, as well as our team members carefully to ensure that each and every Unearthed employee feels passionately about our mission.

The Unearthed story began in Sydney, Australia where our parent company Antipodeans was founded in 1991. Antipodeans is Australia’s original and most trusted student leadership expedition company. Our dedicated team of educators, personal development specialist, instructors and travel experts have been creating extraordinary student travel experiences for over 25 years. With offices across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we've trained over 800 leaders and worked with over 20,000 students. 

Morgan Schaening, Lachie Bunn and Dan Donati. Directors. Adventurers. And big believers in mindful & responsible travel.


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